SMC Lab Video Page

[2024.02] Deep Learning for Music Creativity

Presentation by Dr. Cheng-Zhi Anna Huang from University of Montreal and Google DeepMind.

[2024.02] SLIONS-Kids

SLIONS-Kids is an AI-empowered web application that supports both collaborative and independent self-driven learning of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. This application is developed by NUS Sound and Music Computing Lab. Here is a video trailer about the app.

[2021.11] APSIPA Distinguished Lecture

A virtual talk on "Neuroscience-Inspired Sound and Music Computing (SMC) for Bilingualism and Human Potential" by Prof. Ye Wang.

[2021.11] MIR for Human Health and Potential

ISMIR 2021 Panel discussion on "MIR for Human Health and Potential" hosted by Prof. Ye Wang.

[2021.11] Lab Showcase

Lab-showcase video of NUS Sound and Music Computing Lab at ISMIR 2021.

[2021.08] Keynote Speech at NUS Computing Research Week

Keynote Speech at Computing Research Week Aug 2021: "Music and Wearable Computing for Health and Learning: a Decade-long Exploration on a Neuroscience-inspired Interdisciplinary Approach" by Prof. Ye Wang.

[2020.10] Measuring The Way You Walk

This cool wearable mobile gait analysis device - developed by Dr Boyd Anderson, our lab alumni - can measure the position, acceleration and rotation of your feet as you're walking, running, or playing sports!

[2019.04] NUS Computing Music Concert

NUS Computing students, staff and alumni gathered to play some familiar tunes in the school's first live music concert. The concert is part of CS4347 Sound and Music Computing module taught by Professor Ye Wang. Enjoy the music!

[2018.08] Sound and Music Computing Concert

At the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, we got to jam together with Professor Roger Dannenberg to present a terrific concert. Prof Dannenberg is not only a computer science professor, but also a professor of Arts and Music at Carnegie Mellon University. How cool is that! 😎