Leveraging sound and music computing technology

to enhance human health and potential


About Us

Welcome to Sound and Music Computing Lab at National University of Singapore! The NUS Sound and Music Computing Lab strives to develop Sound and Music Computing (SMC) technologies, in particular Music Information Retrieval (MIR) technologies, with an emphasis on applications in e-Learning (especially computer-assisted music and language edutainment) and e-Health (especially computer-assisted music-enhanced exercise and therapy).

We seek to harness the synergy of SMC, MIR, mobile computing, and cloud computing technologies to promote healthy lifestyles and to facilitate disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in both developed countries and resource-poor developing countries.

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Job Openings

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Sound and Music Computing Lab is pursuing research in Sound and Music Computing for Human Health and Potential (SMC4HHP) and has multiple research positions (RF, RA, PhD scholarships) available.

  • We are seeking both RAs and RFs on the topic of AI supported language learning which includes A1) HCI/intelligent user interface, A2) Speech and singing voice analysis/synthesis, and A3) Generative AI/LLM based chatbot. [Here is a detailed job description]

Our Team


Associate Professor

Xichu (Stan) MA

Research Fellow

Siwei LUO

Research Assistant

Xintong WANG

Research Assistant

Mingqian (Mick) SHI

PhD Student

Hongfu LIU

PhD Student

Xiangming GU

PhD Student

Longshen OU

PhD Student

Jingwei ZHAO

PhD Student


PhD Student

Nicholas WONG

PhD Student


PhD Student

Junchuan ZHAO

PhD Student

Xiaolong CAO

MComp Student

Our Alumni

We have advised students from a wide range of disciplines and across many education levels. See our alumni here!

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SMC Dataset

Recent Events and Videos

  • [2024.02] SLIONS-Kids: an AI-empowered web application for learning Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. [video]

  • [2023.11] Sound and Music Computing for Human Health and Potential (SMC4HHP) Themed Concert. [videos]

  • [2023.09] Music Recommender System Workshop at NUS. [videos]

  • [2022.11] Sound and Music Computing for Human Health and Potential (SMC4HHP) Theme Seminar & Concert Event. [videos]

  • [2022.06] Our lab member Yuchen Wang won Outstanding Computing Project Prize from NUS School of Computing. [NUS News]

  • [2021.11] APSIPA Distinguished Lecture 1: Neuroscience-Inspired Sound and Music Computing (SMC) for Bilingualism and Human Potential – Wang Ye [video]

  • [2021.11] NUS Sound and Music Computing Lab Showcase at ISMIR 2021 [video]

  • [2021.11] Special Session on MIR for Human Health and Potential at ISMIR2021 [video]

  • [2021.08] Wang, Y., Keynote Speech at Computing Research Week Aug 2021, “Music & Wearable Computing for Health and Learning: a Decade-long Exploration on a Neuroscience-inspired Interdisciplinary Approach”, National University of Singapore [slides] [video]

  • [2019.04] NUS Computing Music Concert [video]

  • [2018.08] Sound & Music Computing Concert [video]

Get In Touch

  • Addr: 11 Computing Dr, SG, 117416

  • Tel: (65) 6516 2980

  • Fax: (65) 6779 4580

  • Office: AS6 #04-08

  • Lab Director: A/Prof. Ye Wang